Class of 2018 Spotlight - Elizabeth Pardo

Class of 2018 Spotlight - Elizabeth Pardo

WINCHESTER, Va. - We continue our look at the Class of 2018 by meeting field hockey star Elizabeth Pardo.

Major: Kinesiology 

Sport Played: Field hockey 

Why did you choose Shenandoah? Because it felt like home. 

Favorite Class and Professor: Aerobics with Karen Hattenback 

What do you like most about playing sports at SU? I like playing sports at SU because it keeps me busy and is an outlet for me to release all my competitiveness and aggression.

Favorite thing to do in Winchester: Play with baby Welles 

Favorite SU Athletics Memory: Winning ODACs... duh 

What has playing athletics at SU meant to you? It has meant the world to me to be able to continue playing the sport that I love. I am very grateful. 

Post-Graduate Plans: Hopefully will be attending grad school but if not I'll look for a teaching job. 

Nobody knows that I... am completely serious about training for the show American ninja warrior. Most people think I'm kidding but I'm gonna do it.